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(From A Story of Christian Activism: The History of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., by Dr. H. H. Jackson).

Dr. E. C. Morris, the first elected president of the Convention, "Was in favor of a publishing board." When the Convention met in 1896, a publishing committee was established, and the secretary of that board was Dr. R. H. Boyd of Texas. This group was given the task of publishing literature for the denomination. Dr. W. J. Simmons, "as early as 1889," proposed the institution of a denominational magazine. The seeds for the Christian Education Leadership Program then took root during the early years of the Convention. The cornerstone for the Sunday School Publishing Board building was laid on May 18, 1924, and the building was finished in October of 1925.

Since its inception, the Sunday School Publishing Board has had a number of distinguished personalities as leaders, including Dr. A. M. Townsend, Dr. Marshall A. Talley, Dr. E. W. D. Isaac, Dr. Charles Dinkins, Dr. Amos Jones, Dr. C. N. Adkins, and Dr. E. L. Thomas, to name a few. These staunch supporters laid the foundation for the current programs of the Sunday School Publishing Board, which include: the development and publication of denominational literature; the publication of The Christian Education Informer: A Journal of Christian Education; the coordination of the Certificate of Progress Program (COPP); and the approval of Christian Education Leadership Schools, which include dean and teacher certification.